Below Ground Tornado Shelters

 6 x 8 concrete underground tornado storm shelter
6 x 8 concrete underground tornado storm shelter

Below Ground Steel Shelters

Our steel below ground shelter is totally buried in the ground with only the wind turbine and door showing above ground making it possible to plant or place things “on top”. This shelter has 7 non-slip steps constructed of expanded metal on the same incline and decline as normal basement stairs, a hand-rail the full length of the stairs, is pet and elderly friendly and comes with a bench. The door has 3 grease-able steel hinges, 3 deadbolts and a gas air operated shock to aid you in opening and closing the door. This shelter is welded on inside and outside for leak resistance and structural integrity. Welding is done by a certified welder. Shelter is rust and corrosion proof for longer life.

Below Ground Concrete Shelter

Our below ground concrete shelter has ladder type stairs and is half underground with half showing above the surface. This is a 2-piece concrete unit and is approximately 4ʹ below ground and 4ʹ above ground. It is leak resistant. This is a more “basic/no frills” model than the steel version but equally safe.

Our below-ground tornado shelters can be made out of concrete or steel. These units are made with leak resistant material so you and your belongings stay safe and dry. We install tornado shelters below ground on a pre-determined piece of property or in an area inside your garage.

We now offer a 6 x 8 concrete underground model featuring five steps, a steel door, and oscillating wind turbine. This pre-cast tornado shelter requires a 7′ wide x 9′ long x 4′ deep hole to be excavated and installed. The unit is delivered by a truck (22′ long with a crane mounted on top with a height of 13′ 6″). The truck must back up to the hole to unload the shelter. This 2-piece concrete unit is approximately 4′ below ground and 4′ above ground. It is leak resistant. The photo shows the model set in water to show durability.

When we set the shelter, we can rotate it 360 degrees for preferred placement.

Basement Shelters

Each shelter bears a certificate with a serial number from the National Storm Shelter Association stating that the design, construction and installation meet the FEMA P 361 and NSSA ICC 500 2014 which are the highest standards for building tornado shelters. These shelters have a tested steel debris resistant door.

In Existing Basement

Our steel basement shelters use heavy duty anchors and epoxy to set your shelter. Your shelter is cut and assembled in our fabrication department then welded together in your basement to FEMA standards. Each one custom built to meet your needs. It is structurally built to bear wind loads in excess of 250 mph or an EF5 tornado. After installation should you wish to paint your shelter you can use a direct to metal paint.

In New Construction

Call us in your planning stage—if we know when your basement floor is poured we can save you money by installing at that point allowing you to frame and sheetrock around the shelter.

Our Guarantee.

We offer a one-year standard construction warranty against leaking, slip resistant steps, three deadbolts to secure door, and a rust and corrosion proof coating. Contact us for a free storm shelter quote.

Our emergency storm shelters are constructed of 10 gauge steel. All seams are seam-welded for structural integrity and leak resistance. They have been certified to meet and exceed the specifications set forth by FEMA and the National Storm Shelter Association.

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