Below Ground Tornado Shelters

Our below ground tornado shelters can be made out of concrete of steel and are leak resistant. We install tornado shelters below ground and inside garages.

We now offer a 6 x 8 concrete underground model featuring 5 steps, a steel door and oscillating wind turbine. This shelter requires a 7′ wide x 9′ long x 4′ deep hole to be excavated and installed. This unit is delivered by a truck 22′ long with a crane mounted on top of truck with a height of 13′ 6″. The truck must back up to the hole to unload the shelter. This unit is a 2-piece concrete unit and is approximately 4′ below ground and 4′ above ground. It is leak resistant. The photo shows the model set in water to show durability.

When we set this shelter, we can rotate it 360 degrees for your preferred placement.

 6 x 8 concrete underground tornado storm shelter

6 x 8 concrete underground tornado storm shelter

Below Ground Tornado Shelters Photo Gallery

Our steel storm shelter is back-filled with dirt covering top. The door and the fresh-air vent/turbine are the only parts of the shelter that are above ground.  Also included is 3/4 inlet for electrical access. The anchoring system uses steel flaps and welded steel angle iron to reinforce the flaps thus providing additional anchoring capability. All doors are painted white. This shelter has 7 non-slip steps constructed of expanded metal on the same incline and decline as normal basement stairs, a hand-rail the full length of the stairs, and is pet and elderly friendly. It has a bench for seating along one side. The door has 3 steel hinges, 3 deadbolts and a gas air operated shock to aid you in opening and closing the door. This shelter is welded on the inside and outside for leak resistance and structural integrity. Welding is done by a certified welder. Shelter is rust and corrosion proof for longer life.

Our Guarantee. We offer a one-year standard construction warranty against leaking, slip resistant steps, 3 deadbolts to secure door, a rust and corrosion proof coating. Contact us for a free storm shelter quote.

Protection Shelters, LLC are constructed of 10 gauge steel. All weld seams are seam welded for both structural integrity and leak resistance. They have been certified by a Professional Engineer to both meet and exceed the specifications set forth by FEMA and the National Storm Shelter Association.