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Protection Shelters LLC has been certified by a Professional Engineer to both meet and exceed the specifications set forth by FEMA and the National Storm Shelter Association. Protection Shelters LLC was awarded the contract for above ground shelters for the Sedgwick County Public Works department, or the Department of Interior, U.S. Government, as well as having built several FEMA funded shelters.

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Handicap Accessible Above Ground Garage Shelter

In this video Protection Shelters owner Dale Zogleman explains how a storm shelter can be installed in a garage as a saferoom.

Charles Hart

A tornado totaled our home, a few years ago, while we were in it. As survivors of that experience, we […]


Citizens of Bird City and St. Francis Kansas welcomed the installation of 10’X24′ tornado shelters May 23rd, 2017.   

Completed saferoom in garage Concrete, above ground tornado shelter 6 x 8 concrete underground tornado storm shelter Joplin Tornado Shelters Stockton Housing Authority Group Storm Shelter in Stockton, KS. Storm shelters placed on concrete slab

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