What Our Customers Have to Say

Larry Van Syoc

Today, Chris came to install our below ground metal storm shelter. From start to finish was just about 3 hours which impressed me Greatly. I don’t have the words to describe how happy I am with the quality of work and the shelter.
Chris is an amazing person to work with in every way. He is highly intelligent and friendly and is extremely considerate of our decisions and opinions. It took some time for me to make a decision as to who to contact for a shelter and after settling with Chris, I couldn’t be Happier!! Anyone who wants or needs a shelter, I STRONGLY recommend Protection Shelters!!! You can NOT go wrong with Chris and his team to get the job done RIGHT and in the shortest amount of time. And, let me insert another detail here that surprised me in a very Pleasant way. The cost of getting a 6 ft by 8 ft metal below ground shelter was better than I found anywhere else. In the end, we can NOT be any happier with the end results as we could Never be happier with anyone else!!!
Thank You Chris and your Team members, You guys are Fantastic and it has been a great pleasure meeting and working with you!!!!!!

Tia Keplinger

I don’t like leaving reviews until we can fully experience the product. And after a month of having it I can honestly say my family and I 100% love this shelter. We got a decorated above ground shelter that looks amazing in our backyard! The installation was fast, the men who installed it were very nice and they made sure everything was perfect before they left. They answered our questions professionally and treated our property with respect. The shelter doesn’t leak and fits us and all of our supplies very comfortably. I have already recommended this company to all our family and friends! Very pleased.

Stockton Housing Authority, Stockton KS

Stockton Housing Authority owns a 30-unit HUD-subsidized apartment complex for elderly and disabled. We began working with Dale in 2014 for a stand-alone shelter on our property, and found him to be extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. By December 2015, our 16×19 shelter was complete and functional. Dale’s crew was always very professional, clean and courteous, and I appreciated how neat they always left the property at the end of the work day. I highly recommend Protection Shelters to anyone, and especially to managers of apartments with no storm protection. I sleep better at night, just knowing this accessible shelter is ready for our residents, if needed.

Anthony McDaniel

All the guys that set up my shelter was very professional and when they got to my house and got the truck back to my back yard they had it set up really fast and never stop working and did extra cleaning before they left to make sure we was satisfied and explained everything about the shelter we needed to know would recommend to any great customer service

Marilyn Epley

I work for an Indian Tribe located in tornado alley in Oklahoma. We first hired Dale to build 3 small community shelters located in our 3 housing areas. They went up very quickly and met all FEMA standards. They have been in use for several years now. Dale helped me with all the details I needed to write a FEMA grant for a large community shelter on I-35 to house 200 people. With Dale’s details and cost estimates, we got the grant and built the shelter. It has bathrooms in it and serves as a dual purpose facility as a training facility and a tornado saferoom. We were so pleased that Dale is building another large saferoom for us in another location that should be done for this year’s storm season.

JD Mersman

Everyone with Protection Shelters was amazing to work with during our recent project. Dale went above and beyond making sure the shelter met our needs and had everything we discussed. The gentlemen that came to set the shelter were extremely professional and easy to work with. Without a doubt we would consider working with Protection Shelters on future projects!

Charles Hart

A tornado totaled our home, a few years ago, while we were in it. As survivors of that experience, we firmly subscribe to mother nature’s power. Now, years later, life’s changed, including our housing needs. Dale Zogleman thoroughly explained the ins and outs of steel storm shelters prior to installing one above ground in our new concrete slab home during construction. Beginning with the depth of the concrete pad for the safe room area, to the building of the unit, and ending with professional installation, Protection Shelters took charge. We researched other safe haven options and elected to entrust our lives with Protection.

Carol Sloper

Thank you so much to Dale and his crew. Cheyenne County feels a bit safer knowing we have shelters built by Protection Shelters for our citizens.

Protection Shelters is a Treat to Work With

Working on Camp Alexander’s tornado shelter with Protection Shelters was a very positive experience. I recommend them for tornado shelter construction to anyone considering this type of structure. They are first class. During the initial planning and grant writing, Dale Zogleman provided insights that his experience suggested would improve what we initially planned to build. During his phase of the actual construction, Protections Shelters remained on top of things in terms of what needed to be done, and the testing by outside agencies that was needed to fulfill FEMA’s requirements. One pleasant outcome for me in my initial contact with Protection Shelters was in requesting names to contact as references. Dale gave me contact information for three of his prior customers, one a school district, one a social service agency, and the last a corporation. In speaking with each of them, they all gave me clear indication they were well satisfied with what was done, how it was done, and how issues were handled. My experience during our construction with them affirmed what each of those references answered in reply to my set of inquiry questions about Protection Shelters, including, among other things, workmanship, punctuality, and any impact on personnel or surroundings.

Camp Alexander is most fortunate to have this shelter attached to our Education Building. Not only will it provide a safe haven during a tornado or tornado warning, but it will also enhance what we are able to do at camp. For example, we spent our own (non-FEMA) funds to include new showers in each of the two rest rooms. Shower facilities existed in a very old, unheated cabin hence winter usage was not a reality. Since the shelter can be entered from within the Education Building, we also gained an accessory room for small groups to use when needed. Our summer camping themes can now consider having a young campers safety program focusing on a variety of potential hazards or concerns from weather and tornadoes foremost but also to educating our young campers about water safety, electrical safety, and bicycling. This can even extend to some basic first aid, map reading and other topics focused on being out of doors such as biting insect safety. Lastly it need also include safety relative to today’s social communication such as Facebook, MySpace, chat rooms and etc. The shelter will provide us with an important venue for continuing and expanding our role of educating young people at Camp Alexander.

Rodney Sobieski
Board Member for Special Projects

I would recommend Dale Zogleman and Protection Shelters

Hoxie Housing Authority has an above ground storm shelter built by Protection Shelters. Mr. Dale Zogleman is an over and above sort of business man. If he says it he will do it. He knows his business and takes pride in a job well done. He meets the timelines required and leaves the property clean and better than when he started. Dale is also helpful in meeting all the requirements of HUD. I would recommend Dale Zogleman and Protection Shelters to anyone who is interested in putting in a storm shelter.

Hoxie Housing Authority

Protection Shelters did a great job

Aboveground Shelter built for Carol Lee
Carol Lee painted her new shelter after it was completed by Protection Shelters LLC

Thank you so much for the attention to detail and the hard work your team did when leveling the ground for my shelter, and then getting it into place.

Your guys asked my opinion and preference on the finer details and then they set about making it happen. They did a great job and I really appreciate the extra work spreading the gumbo around the base of the shelter, too.

Before your men were out of the park, a couple stopped and asked if they could look at my shelter. They had the ground tour and were given some information leaflets that Bill had left with me.

Thank you!!
Carol Lee