Larry Van Syoc

Today, Chris came to install our below ground metal storm shelter. From start to finish was just about 3 hours which impressed me Greatly. I don’t have the words to describe how happy I am with the quality of work and the shelter.
Chris is an amazing person to work with in every way. He is highly intelligent and friendly and is extremely considerate of our decisions and opinions. It took some time for me to make a decision as to who to contact for a shelter and after settling with Chris, I couldn’t be Happier!! Anyone who wants or needs a shelter, I STRONGLY recommend Protection Shelters!!! You can NOT go wrong with Chris and his team to get the job done RIGHT and in the shortest amount of time. And, let me insert another detail here that surprised me in a very Pleasant way. The cost of getting a 6 ft by 8 ft metal below ground shelter was better than I found anywhere else. In the end, we can NOT be any happier with the end results as we could Never be happier with anyone else!!!
Thank You Chris and your Team members, You guys are Fantastic and it has been a great pleasure meeting and working with you!!!!!!

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