Need short-term storm shelter protection for a small or large group? We offer group shelter rental services in various sizes and options. Contact us for more information!

Meets FEMA Standards
Meets FEMA Standards
Handicap Accessible
Handicap Accessible
Requires No Construction
Requires No Construction
Stucco Exterior Finish
Stucco Exterior Finish

Protection Shelters LLC provides tornado shelters that meet FEMA P-361, April 2021 Fourth Edition and NSSA ICC 500-2020, the highest standards to meet FEMA criteria.  With every Protection Shelters LLC shelter regardless of size:

  • Your shelter will have 8” walls
  • Shelter will require no additional anchoring; just flat, level ground
  • Shelter has full-sized handicap accessible (36”) door(s) (One or two depending upon size)
  • Roof is coated with sealer and concrete UV elastic membrane covering which will help keep temperatures cool in the heat of summer
  • Door frames are ¼” steel channel and each door unit weighs close to 800 pounds
  • All components used in your shelter – doors, vents and louvers– have been tested and passed by Texas Tech Wind Science & Debris Impact Testing Center and meet the standards for design and construction of FEMA P-361, April 2021 Fourth Edition and NSSA ICC 500-2020
  • Shelter is constructed from stamped engineered drawings drawn by Professional Engineering Consultants of Wichita, KS and have zero tipability
  • Shelter will have stucco finish on exterior

You will need to prepare flat, level ground for the shelter to be placed on—can be gravel, concrete, asphalt of just dirt—only requirement is that it be flat and level.


  One 36” handicap accessible door version

  • 8’X10’

Two 36” handicap accessible door versions:

  • 10’X12’
  • 10’X24’


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