Handicap Accessible Storm Shelters

All above ground shelters are made handicapped accessible. Above ground shelters can be custom built attached to an existing structure, like your house, or built to stand alone. We can provide a new entry from your house into the shelter. The shelter exterior comes smooth-faced, however, exteriors are finished to your specifications. The roof and walls are 6″ to 8″ of steel reinforced concrete. Contact us for a free storm shelter quote.

We offer concrete and steel above ground shelters for your residence. Sizes include those to accommodate 2-2,000 people. Concrete is tested at 4,000 PSI. It has reinforced steel bar and fiber mesh for additional strength. This shelter is an excellent choice for anyone who has a problem with stairs or steps, or who lives in a high water table area or needs to protect a group of people.

Handicap accessible storm shelters, especially group shelters can be equipped with bathrooms, HVAC and battery backup lighting. Finished multipurpose tornado shelters are used for all sorts of activities such as safety, learning, band music, and conference rooms.