Erie Elementary School Shelter

Build on-site storm shelters can be custom constructed either on-site for you or created in-house and delivered to you.

In late August of 2013 Protection Shelters LLC completed construction on a 2080 square foot safe room for Erie Elementary School in Erie, Kansas. The shelter will also serve as 2 auxiliary classrooms, as well as providing restrooms with handicapped accessibility. HVAC, electricity and water fountains are also included. Entrances are located on the NW corner as well as the S side of the shelter providing easy access for not only those in the elementary building, but students and staff from the Pre-School building as well.

Battery back-up has also been installed allowing for an additional 2 hours of electricity in the event of a power outage. Dusk to dawn lights (also with battery back-up) have been installed on the exterior at each entrance.

Because of the extreme heat during the building period, in order to remain on schedule, Protection Shelters LLC had to pour the roof after dark beginning at 9:00 pm with completion around 2:30 am. Total construction from start to finish was 3 months.

The exterior had stucco and paint applied to match the existing buildings providing classroom and shelter space which is virtually identical to the other buildings providing an aesthetically pleasing picture for the Erie Elementary School campus.