Protection Shelters Builds 31 storm shelters in 31 days for Joplin, Missouri

The concrete 10 x2 0 storm shelters were built with 8″ walls, roofs and ceilings, 1 3/4 mile reinforcing steel. Each shelter weighed approximately 70,000 pounds. All materials used were tested at National Storm Shelter Association. The project was done in 100 plus degree weather with a 31 day deadline. 31 storm shelters in 31 days. We had to get the plans drawn, construct the shelters, shelters cured in a timely manner to meet all the testing criteria for concrete. The shelters were skim coated, stuccoed and painted white to look aesthetically pleasing in the Macy’s parking lot. The 31 shelters were then loaded on trailers with a 100 ton crane and transported by triple axle tractors and low boy trailers to Joplin Mall site to meet the deadline of school starting Aug 17TH. After the Joplin school is built and completed with a storm shelter these temporary shelters will be moved on to the next place in need of a tornado shelter for a 2nd life. These shelters meet all criteria set forth in Fema 361 and National Storm Shelter Association ICC 500 2008 edition. We are the only producer member in the state of Kansas certified by the National Storm Shelter Association.