Chapman Community Tornado Shelter

This shelter was built with stamped engineered drawings, and was partially funded by FEMA. Constructed of poured concrete, it was built with a dual purpose to be able to do your laundry and be able to look out a double-pane window from inside the shelter. This shelter is not only safe but also appealing by allowing residents to look through the washroom hallway to the outdoors. The glass window is covered by a Ceco Storm Pro 361 FEMA tested door. The hallway door is also a Ceco storm pro 361 that meets FEMA specifications. By installing a doorway in the laundry, the occupants never have to go outside. This shelter has handicap accessible restrooms with a walk through door from the main building to the shelter. A 90 minute backup power battery lighting is provided as well as a fresh air vent damper to be used in the event of a power failure.

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