Below Ground Tornado Shelters Photo Gallery

Our steel below ground shelter is totally buried in the ground with only the wind turbine and door showing above ground making it possible to plant or place things “on top”. This shelter has 7 non-slip steps constructed of expanded metal on the same incline and decline as normal basement stairs, a hand-rail the full length of the stairs, is pet and elderly friendly and comes with a bench. The door has 3 grease-able steel hinges, 3 deadbolts and a gas air operated shock to aid you in opening and closing the door. This shelter is welded on inside and outside for leak resistance and structural integrity. Welding is done by a certified welder. Shelter is rust and corrosion proof for longer life.



Our below ground concrete shelter has double hand rails (1 on either side) of the 5 step (non-slip tread plate) 10” rise stairs and is approximately half underground with half showing above the surface.

We will take care of the installation however should you wish to dig the hole yourself this shelter requires an 8’ wide x 10′ long x 53” deep hole to be excavated. It is imperative that the hole has a level bottom at the 53” mark.

The door has a gas/air operated shock/door closer, has been painted with a metal primer and has greaseable hinges with 3 locks.  There is an 8” ball bearing turbine and 6” vent.  The exterior has a stamped, textured concrete finish making it easy to paint or stain should you wish to do so.  These shelters are built with 4” thick walls made of reinforced fiber as well as steel rebar and poured to a minimum 6,000 psi concrete.

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